Working and Employment opportunities in France

France is one of the world’s major economic powers but unusually agriculture plays a larger part in the economy than most other industrialised nations. Its large size and low population density (66 million approx) allows the space for livestock and crop farming on a massive scale. The world famous wine regions of Bordeaux, Loire, Champagne and Burgundy all add to this remarkable agro-centric nation.
Aside from Agriculture France’s leading industries are Machinery, Chemicals, Automobiles, Metal, Aeronautics, Electronics, Textiles and of course, Food.

Mineral mining is also big, as is Tourism and Luxury Goods. In terms of employment the Nuclear Industry is particularly large, with it providing 75% of the domestic electricity of the country, and the train network, SNCF is well developed.

Until fairly recently the Government owned the majority of shares in many key industries including Banks and utilities but this has been reduced over the last few years and their holdings are now left in Energy, Trains and Defense.

Employment opportunities in France remain good, particularly in the Aeronautic Sector, and Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals industry. The standard of living is high and work hours generally fairly low.
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