Are you allowed to work in France? Work Permits explained.

EU and Swiss Nationals are free to live and work in France, though some public roles and regulated professions have additional restrictions and criteria. Swiss and EU citizens may also have to leave France after 6 months if they don’t find work unless they can prove they are actively seeking work. They must also register with a job agency.

Non-EU Nationals require a work permit and a residence permit (a long stay visa) unless they have a récipissé containing the following words – Scientific, private and family life, artistic and cultural profession, temporary worker, seasonal, or employee on assignment.

Apart from the above exclusions foreign nationals must acquire and visa and work permit prior to arrival in France. In order to receive these the worker must have a job offer and the French employer will initiate the process providing the applicant with the relevant forms.

The French employer will have to justify to the authorities that the applicant is more appropriate than a French or EU worker or that there is no equivalent of the same available to fill the post. Once the case is cleared the visa and work permit are sent to the applicant in their home country and they are free to enter France.

This process generally means that it is hard to work in France if you are a non-EU national unless your profession is deemed to be in high demand. However it is possible to look for work in France on a tourist visa which may make it easier to at least find a job in the first place rather than trying to do it long distance.
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